As your Poway City Councilman, I will ensure that people will come first.  I will provide responsible oversight, community advocacy, and fiscal accountability with transparency.  No longer should special interest groups, developers, financiers, and outsiders decide Poway's outcomes.  The voices of the people must be heard, and they must count. Poway needs a representative to stand up for the people.



Means I will promote:

1. The Poway Performing Arts Center for the City of Poway.


2. The restoration of the Old Stone Lodge as a historic site, with the potential of holding community events there.


3. Representative Government in Poway, that welcomes our community members to attend our City Council 

meetings and values their input, providing communication and transparency. I will listen.


4. Transparency in planning and development, I suggest an oversight committee made up of residents from each of the Poway districts. To guide large projects there would be additional members added, from the area most impacted. 


5. The commitment to preserving Poway's rural land. The City in the Country must be maintained and protected.


Responsible Oversight

As a City Councilman, I will make sure the City of Poway is run efficiently and correctly. 

Community Advocacy

Our residents and businesses need to have a leader who will listen to our community concerns. As a City Councilman, I will encourage participation valuing people first.

Fiscal Accountability

As Councilman, the City of Poway needs to pursue a budget that will best serve the people. Responsible spending will ensure the quality of life is not only maintained, but improved. A proper budget will include a reserve fund that will secure long term economic security for the people in the community.


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