As a Grandparent, just hearing my Grandkids say “GRANDPA PHIL “ melts my butter.

I, recognize that being liked and loved is very important to me. My six Grandkids seem to do it best. They all have their own unique personalities that I find to be a perfect source of friendship and acceptance.

I try to make them feel respected, successful, intelligent, capable and loved. I want them to know right from wrong, without being a disciplinarian. Role modeling is important, and that includes showing them that you accept them for who they are unconditionally. They need your approval, trust, and knowledge that they can always rely on you no matter what because you love them.

They are great being around, and great seeing when you can.


“To those in uniform serving today and to those who have served in the past, we honor you today and every day.” (author unknown)
"Our flag is OLD GLORY, because of you.
We are the United States of America, because of you.
We conclude our flag salute with...LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL, because of YOU. "


Phil Factor


The Boogie Bash is a Halloween Carnival for kids and families, held at Tiera Bonita elementary school.  The playground held booths for games, food, and entertainment  (I had a blast supervising skeet ball and cheetah jump); and a classroom became a haunted house where zombies, ninjas, princesses, and superheroes could wander - if they dared!  A fundraiser for the school,  volunteers drawn from staff, families and High School service clubs provided workers,  local restaurants generously donated tasty goodies.


On Trick or Treat night, our family ventured off Iron Mountain to one of Poway's many residential neighborhoods.   Our niece, nephew, and grandkids were thrilled with the many homes decorated for Halloween, even with audio-visual effects!   On many blocks,  homeowners sat outside, treating the children with candy and costume compliments.  It felt like a big, festive block party - welcoming and inclusive, and providing a safe trick or treat experience.


Volunteerism and neighborhoods that feel like family are part of what I love about Poway.  They bring people together, and when I become a City Council Member I will encourage celebrations like these throughout Poway.


The Poway Rodeo is always one of my favorite events to share with my family.  This year I brought my two granddaughters and my niece and nephew who were all dressed in their western attire. We sat up in the bleachers eating freshly popped caramel popcorn and cheering on all the cowboys and cowgirls. They are truly great athletes with incredible skills and courage, putting on a first-class sporting event. The hard work that went into the rodeo was evident. The kids and I can’t wait for its return next year.


The following week, the kids and I enjoyed the Rendezvous in Old Poway Park. Every year the park is turned into an encampment where Mountain Men and women, cowboys and cowgirls, pioneers, and soldiers role play history 1820-1890s.   The kids had such a great time, and they learned so much. Seeing it, hearing it and experiencing it, they surely got a great history lesson. 


We're so fortunate to have people with knowledge and willingness to teach and share our early history and explain the heritage of our town. Thank you to the City of Poway, Shadow River Regulators, and the Apache Canyon Gang, for making history come alive.   This is why I love Poway and will ensure responsible oversight so that our values are retained. 


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and my favorite meal.  It's a day when friends and family come together to share what they're most thankful for and to feast on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  It's a way to say "We love you, we're so glad you're part of our lives."

This Thanksgiving season, as a candidate for Poway City Council, District 2, I'm more conscious than ever of my gratitude for the town that is my home.


  1. I am thankful for Poway's great schools where I taught and coached, where our kids and grandkids receive a fine education.

  2. I am thankful for Poway's parks, programs, services, and facilities.  There is always something to do, something to learn, somewhere to come together.

  3. I am thankful for the people who give our "City in the Country" such a home town feeling.


What are you thankful for, as you celebrate Thanksgiving in Poway?



What are some of your family traditions?


Growing up TRADITION was a household word and practice.  My mom and dad not only loved the play, "Fiddler On The Roof", but the meaning of that song was really how our family worked.  TRADITION....TRADITION! 


As an adult, I made choices about which traditions I wanted to keep, change, or let go.  Laurel and I have always loved to invite people into our home for holiday gatherings, parties, and meals.  Our home was even designed with this in mind.  A welcome into our home is traditionally a hug, and a warm inviting greeting - "come in and join us, and get comfortable."  When you leave, there is another warm hugging "goodbye, and come again" ritual.


Our family has what we call the "FAMILY HUG" where we huddle into a circle, put our arms all around each other, say a few words, and finish off with "I love you", and everyone hugs and kisses.  This is our tradition when there is a tragedy, a family problem, a goodbye, or just because one of the family calls for a "Family Hug!".  


We always kissed our parents, and later our kids, no matter where we were or who we were with.  My sons have carried on this tradition, and now my grandkids do it too. Showing affection, and saying "I love you" is our greatest tradition of all.


This is unusual for me, but this year, I'm making New Years Resolutions. I want to lose weight and feel better, so I will eat healthy, exercise daily, and take better care of myself. I'm excited to spend quality time with my wife Laurel, now that she's retired.

I want to become a Poway City Council member who will listen to the people of Poway.  I promise transparency, responsible oversight, community advocacy, and fiscal accountability.

I want to be a better person.  I want to listen before I speak, think before I act, and remember that "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice"!

What are your resolutions this year?


The holidays are over and most of us are getting back into our daily routines.

As a teacher coach and parent, routines are necessary to fulfill obligations, responsibilities, and to accomplish goals.

As a retiree, I thought I would be free to be more random but I found that I thrive on following routines. It’s an element of my personality. I am up before 5:00 AM and asleep before 10:00 PM even my dogs follow a routine.  They start barking at 6:30 AM to let me know they need to be fed. In the meantime, I make a pot of coffee and spend planning time with my wife.

Plans fall into categories: must do might do and will do eventually.

I’m happiest and most successful when I follow a routine.

I know as a candidate for Poway City Council this will be one of my assets.

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