Racism was never tolerated in my classroom, on any of my teams that I coached, or in my home.

I taught my sons and grandchildren to embrace other people's cultures. To have friends that are culturally diverse. My home is where ALL PEOPLE MATTER.   

Let's start putting our country together...TOGETHER THE RIGHT WAY.... IT IS ONLY GREAT TOGETHER. We have lots of work to do.

As your next Poway City Council Member, I will do my part with the principal of what you say and who you are, does matter.


We can get through the Coronavirus if we all work together by following all the Local, State, and National Health safety guidelines 

The containment of this virus is dependent on all of us. If each of us act upon a social contract to stay home and avoid unnecessary contact with others we can reduce the spread. If you have pre-existing health conditions or are over 65 years of age or older your risks are greater.


Our first responders and all our workers (food industry, basic essentials, transportation) and military that are assisting us through this crisis are our true heroes. THANK YOU.


Each and everyone one of us must show consideration for others. Take care of yourself, family, friends, and communities. Together we have always made it through previous crises and we can do it this time.....WE ALL ARE DEPENDENT UPON ONE ANOTHER.....

Love you 
Phil Factor

As the nation's health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.

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CDC Works 24/7


A SOCIAL CONTRACT MEANS; Consider others in what you do. We are being asked to stay home, which is the right thing to do for your self and others.

HUNKERING ON DOWN IS IN ORDER..Some people may not like it.

Let's do consider that we know this virus spreads from one person to another without you realizing it. By staying home you are safe from the virus unless someone in your home has been with a person that has it or may not know they have it. Social Distance could help but no guarantees because a door nob, light switch, ATM machine could be where you might come in contact with the virus. Washing your hands, wearing protection (gloves/masks/gowns)may help.

My Family
I am 67 years old and in that population more likely to die from the Coronavirus. My wife is in that same group.

My Daughter-in-law just last month was in ICU because she contracted the flu. If she gets this virus it will mean hospitalization again with greater health risk. (note: 3 children and a husband that depend on her)

My Mother-in-law is 96 and lives with respiratory issues. She is of greatest risk.

So why am I sharing this?


I promise I will stay home....PHIL FACTOR

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