I am a humanist. I stand for valuing all people’s rights and social justice. I believe in a humane compassionate democratic society. 

Much of my philosophy is from Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Alfred Adler, Leo Buscaglia. I have written six short stories about myself.


  • The Train

  • The Wall

  • Slaying the Dragon

  • Acts Of Kindness by Paying it Forward

  • Average

  • The Game that Changed My Life



My favorite childhood story that I read over and over again was, The Little Engine That Could (1930 by Platt and Munk) 


This story of the Little Train became my first action plan growing up. From this, I learned the value of optimism and hard work. The hill was the challenge for the train to climb. The Little Train sounded out “I think I can, I think I can”. In my life, I too have said, I think I can, with commitment and desire to be successful, just like the Little Train.


As a Candidate for Poway City Council, I will practice the prudence and integrity for our community. I know when there are problems that need solving, it is best when everyone works together.


When I was 15 years old, my football coach taught me the importance of having self-confidence. He talked about walls I would face in life. He challenged me to find ways to make it through the walls and never give up. “I can make it through this wall, and no one could ever stop me.”


I knew that I would have to work hard and do everything I could possibly do, physically and mentally to be successful. I never wanted to be average. I pushed myself to always be the best. The more I believed in myself the more often I found ways to get through walls.


I think persistence, dedication, enthusiasm, passion, and confidence in myself helped me realize that I was capable of being a champion in life. When I had to face walls, I knew they were only temporary barriers.


As I run for Poway City Council, I promise to do my very best. I know people will be counting on me to represent them and our community. I will be a CHAMPION FOR POWAY.


School was extremely challenging for me until I saw a psychologist in college.  He recognized that I was motivated, hardworking, with long term goals in life.  He told me to "slay the dragon", then explained, "You must learn how to read and write." 


I started all over again with reading and writing.  I knew I could do it.  I realized this wall could be climbed.  I worked even harder to succeed, and started earning more A's than B's. I achieved my goal, and was admitted into graduate school to become a teacher. 


In graduate school, I was an honor student, top of my class.  Thanks to the school psychologist, I slayed the dragon.  That dragon, I found out many years later, was dyslexia.  Although I am still challenged by being dyslexic, I learned how to learn, and to love learning. 


Today I am a life long learner who is striving to be your next City Council member.  I am motivated, hardworking, with persistence and passion, wanting to represent you on the Poway City Council.



I grew up hearing the famous speeches of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.   Inspired by them, I became a teacher and a coach, believing I too could make a difference in the world. 


Teaching in the Poway Unified School District, I empowered my students by letting them know what an important resource they were. 

I encouraged them to be self-confident, to help others, and to find ways to improve their community. 

 I hope I impacted their lives.  I know they impacted mine.



I consider being told "You're average" an insult.  I have never been willing to settle or to skate by on minimal effort.  I identify as an over-achiever.  It's just who I am. 


To be a champion does not happen by luck or good intentions.  I believe it comes from hard work, dedication, and always giving 100%.   I don't wake up each morning to be average, I wake up to be a champion at whatever the day may hold. 

Champion is also a verb, meaning to protect, care for, and respect those who are served. 


As a member of the Poway City Council, I will be your champion.


Granada Hills High School Football 1970 Los Angeles City Champions 

I played offensive right guard and was a team captain on

my high school football team. In front of eighteen thousand spectators,  we won the 1970 Los Angeles City Championship. We had a passing attack that broke all records. We were the innovators of the spread offense which is used in colleges and the NFL today. My role on that team enabled me to turn my life around.

Academically I had very average grades in high school. I struggled in English and had terrible study skills. My courses and G.P.A.did meet NCAA requirements. UC Riverside decided to take a chance on me and accepted me as a student-athlete with the condition that I would work hard and do well academically.


That trust in me gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and become a teacher, coach, and leader.  I was able to take the passion and determination into the classroom, onto the sidelines, and into the community. Many of the players and students have kept in touch with me, they still call me "Mr.Factor" or "Coach Factor."


The game of football opened doors for me:  a college education and a life in teaching and coaching. 


I look forward to using those skills as I take on leadership roles in our community.


Thanks for taking the time and learning about me.


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