Endorsement from Laurel Factor 


I have known Phil Factor for greater than 50 years. 

When asked who I thought would be a good choice for Poway City Council in District 2, the first person I could think of was Phil. 

Since moving to San Diego County in 1976, Phil has been active in numerous aspects of the community both as a teacher and civic leader.  Although he at one time in his life he pondered running for city council, he deferred his aspirations to allow me a chance to pursue my career. 

While I attended Medical School, Phil provided care for our sons while still remaining active in the educational and civic communities. 

He is a person who takes on challenges and does not give in until the job is done.

He is compassionate, thoughtful, dependable, intelligent, and driven to provide opportunity and a voice to all.

Phil’s love of Poway and the people in the community will guide him to make the right decisions for the people of Poway. 

He desires to see the people of the community take part in keeping Poway the city in the country and wants their voices heard. 

I am certain when elected, he will provide outstanding representation and leadership.

He will always have my vote

Laurel Factor (Phil’s wife)

Endorsement from Josh and Wendy Factor

"My Dad, Phil Factor, is a great candidate because he is passionate about politics and takes pride in his work."


Josh and Wendy Factor



Granddaughter Elizabeth 11


“Why I think he should run for Poway City Council is that I want him to help the environment.”


Granddaughter Robin 11


“Why I think Grandpa should run for Poway City is because he’s kind to people and he is an extravert, he’s Awesome.”


Grandson IVAN 16


“I don’t know enough about what he’s being elected for and the role he will play. What I do know is that he knows a lot about politics and he only wants what’s best. From what I know there isn’t a reason he shouldn’t run.”

Granddaughter Kaycee.17

“I think my Grandpa Phil should run for Poway City Council because he is so passionate in everything that he does.”


Granddaughter Erika who is a teacher in Missouri

“I think he should be elected because he will make the needs of the community a priority. He will never stop trying to achieve the goals he sets in order to make the city a better place.”

Grandson Cody who is a contractor in Missouri

“I have noticed that this has become a passionate thing for him. He is retired and has the time to make a great reputation as a leader for the City of Poway. As stated multiple times, if this man fixes his eye on anything, he will truly do anything and everything he can to be successful. As an adopted family member,(his son married my mother and took me in at a young age) Phil has treated me as his blood grandson, as he has done with a few others of his grandchildren!  This man makes it his mission to do great things when they make contact with him ! Elect ! Elect ! Elect !”

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