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My name is Phil Factor and I am running for Poway City Council, District 2. 

I am a 40-year proud Powegian, retired PUSD teacher, counselor, coach, and civic leader.  I have empowered students; now I want to empower neighbors. 


My focus has been and will always be about helping others.  Please Get Involved to help me preserve OUR CITY IN THE COUNTRY.   It would be an honor for me to represent our community.

All the best,



Responsible Oversight

Instead of leadership driving us apart, we need leadership that will unite us.


We need to heal relationships in our community by embracing our diversity. 

It is time for fiscally accountable leadership.
 Fiscal Accountability 
   Community Advocacy

 March 4, 2020 - AVERAGE

I consider being told "You're average" an insult.  I have never been willing to settle or to skate by on minimal effort.  I identify as an over-achiever.  It's just who I am. 


To be a champion does not happen by luck or good intentions.  I believe it comes from hard work, dedication, and always giving 100%.   


I don't wake up each morning to be average, I wake up to be a champion at whatever the day may hold. 

Champion is also a verb, meaning to protect, care for, and respect those who are served. 


As a member of the Poway City Council, I will be your champion.


I grew up hearing the famous speeches of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther KIng Jr.   Inspired by them, I became a teacher and a coach, believing I too could make a difference in the world. 


Teaching in the Poway Unified School District, I empowered my students by letting them know what an important resource they were.  I encouraged them to be self-confident, to help others, and to find ways to improve their community. 


I hope I impacted their lives.  I know they impacted mine.

February 19, 2020 - Slaying the Dragon 

School was extremely challenging for me until I saw a psychologist in college.  He recognized that I was motivated, hardworking, with long term goals in life.  He told me to "slay the dragon", then explained, "You must learn how to read and write." 


I started all over again with reading and writing.  I knew I could do it.  I realized this wall could be climbed.  I worked even harder to succeed, and started earning more A's than B's. I achieved my goal, and was admitted into graduate school to become a teacher. 


In graduate school, I was an honor student, top of my class.  Thanks to the school psychologist, I slayed the dragon.  That dragon, I found out many years later, was dyslexia.  Although I am still challenged by being dyslexic, I learned how to learn, and to love learning. 

Today I am a life long learner who is striving to be your next City Council member.  I am motivated, hardworking, with persistence and passion, wanting to represent you on the Poway City Council.

February 12, 2020 - THE WALL

When I was 15 years old, my football coach taught me the importance of having self-confidence. He talked about walls I would face in life. He challenged me to find ways to make it through the walls and never give up. “I can make it through this wall, and no one could ever stop me.”

I knew that I would have to work hard and do everything I could possibly do, physically and mentally to be successful. I never wanted to be average. I pushed myself to always be the best. The more I believed in myself the more often I found ways to get through walls.

I think persistence, dedication, enthusiasm, passion, and confidence in myself helped me realize that I was capable of being a champion in life. When I had to face walls, I knew they were only temporary barriers.


As I run for Poway City Council, I promise to do my very best. I know people will be counting on me to represent them and our community.


I will be a CHAMPION FOR POWAY….FactorForPoway.com

February 5 - The Train


 I am a humanist. I stand for valuing all people’s rights and social justice. I believe in a humane compassionate democratic society. 


Much of my philosophy is from Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Alfred Adler, Leo Buscaglia. I have written five short stories about myself.

  • The Train

  • The Wall

  • Slaying the Dragon

  • Acts Of Kindness by Paying it Forward

  • Average


This week: THE TRAIN


My favorite childhood story that I read over and over again was, The Little Engine That Could (1930 by Platt and Munk) 

This story of the Little Train became my first action plan growing up. From this, I learned the value of optimism and hard work. The hill was the challenge for the train to climb. The Little Train sounded out “I think I can, I think I can”. In my life, I too have said, I think I can, with commitment and desire to be successful, just like the Little Train.

As a Candidate for Poway City Council, I will practice the prudence and integrity for our community. I know when there are problems that needs solving, it is best when everyone works together.

January 29, 2020 - AWARDS

These are honors and awards that I have earned. The greatest fulfillment in my life will always be my loving family and friends.

1970 Los Angeles City Football Champion 

 All-League, All San Fernando Valley, Team Captain,

 Recruited and Admitted to Play Football, University of California Riverside

 Bachelor of Arts, University of California Riverside, including secondary teaching credential.

 Master's  Degree in Psychology, University of Azusa Pacific

 Educational Counseling Degree with Pupil Personnel Services Certification

 PTSA Volunteer of the Year Award Life and Time Membership

 Channel Ten Leadership Award 

 Key Club Adviser of the year award for all of California Hawaii and   Nevada

 Boy Scouts Silver Arrow Award for Volunteering

 The President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, awarded me   the Private Sector Initiative Commendation for Exemplary   Community Service.

January 22, 2020 - FOOTBALL

 The game that changed my life

My high school football team, from Granada Hills CA, won the 1970 Los Angeles City Championship, and my role on that team enabled me to turn my life around.  Despite my poor GPA, my terrible SATs, and academic habits like writing book reports based on movies and Cliff Notes,  UC


Riverside decided to take a chance on me, and accepted me as a student, with the condition that I would actually work hard and do well academically.


That trust in me as a team player allowed me to become a teacher, coach, and leader.  I was able to take the passion and determination into the classroom, onto the sidelines, and into the community. Many of the players and students have kept in touch with me, they still call me "Mr.Factor" or "Coach Factor."


Currently, my grandson is playing football for Poway High and I find myself still coaching. We talk about practice, his games, and watch college and professional football games together. I can't resist sharing techniques, strategies, and plays with him. This has been instrumental in building our loving trusting relationship.

The game of football opened doors for me:  a college education and a life in teaching and coaching. 


I look forward to using those skills as I take on leadership roles in our community.

January 17, 2020 - Routine 

The holidays are over and most of us are getting back into our daily routines.


As a teacher coach and parent, routines are necessary to fulfill obligations, responsibilities and to accomplish goals.


As a retiree, I thought I would be free to be more random but I found that I thrive on following routines. It’s an element of my personality. I am up before 5:00 AM and asleep before 10:00 PM even my dogs follow a routine.  They start barking at 6:30 AM to let me know they need to be fed. In the meantime, I make a pot of coffee and spend planning time with my wife.


Plans fall into categories: must do might do and will do eventually.

I’m happiest and most successful when I follow a routine.


I know as a candidate for Poway City Council this will be one of my assets

January  8, 2020  -  RESOLUTIONS

This is unusual for me, but this year, I'm making New Years Resolutions.

I want to lose weight and feel better, so I will eat healthy, exercise daily, and take better care of myself.

I'm excited to spend quality time with my wife Laurel, now that she's retired.


I want to become a Poway City Council member who will listen to the people of Poway.  I promise transparency, responsible oversight, community advocacy, and fiscal accountability.

I want to be a better person.  I want to listen before I speak, think before I act, and remember that "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice"!

What are your resolutions this year?

December 31, 2019 - TRADITIONS 


What are some of your family traditions?

Growing up TRADITION was a household word and practice.  My mom and dad not only loved the play, "Fiddler On The Roof", but the meaning of that song was really how our family worked.  TRADITION....TRADITION! 


As an adult, I made choices about which traditions I wanted to keep, change, or let go.  Laurel and I have always loved to invite people into our home for holiday gatherings, parties, and meals.  Our home was even designed with this in mind.  A welcome into our home is traditionally a hug, and a warm inviting greetings - "come in and join us, and get comfortable."  When you leave, there is another warm hugging "goodbye, and come again" ritual.


Our family has what we call the "FAMILY HUG" where we huddle into a circle, put our arms all around each other, say a few words, and finish off with "I love you", and everyone hugs and kisses.  This is our tradition when there is a tragedy, a family problem, a goodbye, or just because one of the family calls for a "Family Hug!".  

We always kissed our parents, and later our kids, no matter where we were or who we were with.  My sons have carried on this tradition, and now my grandkids do it too. 


Showing affection, and saying "I love you" is our greatest tradition of all.

December 23, 2019 - What is better to give a gift or to get a gift?

I love the holiday season for so many reasons. It is all about spending time with family and friends. For me, also it means helping the community.   


Ever since I was in Mrs. Clemete’s Physiology Class in High School I have been involved in community charity drives. She told us it was her dream that each one of us would grow up, move away and where ever we landed, we would either start or join a community effort to help people.  This year for me it is the GoFundMe: Helping Poway Restaurant Workers Idled by Water Crisis. 


I also wanted to teach my sons the importance of giving.  Every year when they were young, my wife and I would have the boys go through their drawers, closet and toy box to give away to children who would appreciate their gifts. Now they are parents, this tradition goes on in their household with our grandkids.


One year I was teaching summer school and one of my students asked if he could talk to me after class.  He told me that when he was five years old he woke up Christmas morning and had the greatest surprise ever. He had been given HE-MAN, the Castle, and all the toy characters. He knew Santa must have been there to help his Mom out.  Later on, he learned that the toys were from two boys and their father. He was told their last name was Factor. He knew it came from Josh, Lucas and me. Honestly, I got teary-eyed.  Then he said, "Mr.Factor, I promise  I too will do the same and give gifts away and make a difference in people's lives".


What is better? To get a gift or give a gift?


 November 25, 2019 - I AM THANKFUL

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and my favorite meal.  It's a day when friends and family come together to share what they're most thankful for and to feast on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  It's a way to say "We love you, we're so glad you're part of our lives."

This Thanksgiving season, as a candidate for Poway City Council, District 2, I'm more conscious than ever of my gratitude for the town that is my home.

  1. I am thankful for Poway's great schools where I taught and coached, where our kids and grandkids receive a fine education.

  2. I am thankful for Poway's parks, programs, services, and facilities.  There is always something to do, something to learn, somewhere to come together.

  3. I am thankful for the people who give our "City in the Country" such a home town feeling.

What are you thankful for, as you celebrate Thanksgiving in Poway?

November 19, 2019 


Kids are often asked, "What are you going to do when you grow up?"   I knew in my senior year of high school that I wanted to be a teacher and a coach, working on a high school campus. 

In 1971, off I went to the University of California Riverside to get my education and prepare to become a teacher.  That happened for me faster than I was really planning. I suffered an athletic injury spring of 1972 ending my playing career and sending me right into coaching.


While earning my college degrees, I coached high school and college football, as well as teaching P.E. in adult education.

By age 23, I had four years of coaching experience and two years of teaching experience; I was ready to launch my career as a secondary educator.  


I was hired by the Poway Unified School District in 1976 where I taught thirty-eight years, retiring from teaching in 2014. I taught Social Science, specializing in World History, Sociology, and Psychology. I advised two graduating classes, many clubs, and organizations, and always, I coached. 

What was it like teaching for over forty years?  I absolutely loved being a teacher. The greatest gift working in the Poway Unified School District was working with my students and their families. 

Meet Phil

Moving to Poway is one of my greatest decisions ever, second only to falling in love with the right woman!  When I was twenty one I married my high school sweetheart, Laurel.

We now have been married for over forty-five years. Laurel is getting ready to retire from Scripps Clinic, where she has practiced medicine for over 33 years as a Physician Assistant.   

We have two adult sons who grew up in Poway and received great educations in the Poway Unified School District. Playing sports is huge in our family.  My boys and I played football and wrestled.

Josh, our elder son, lives in Missouri with his wife and daughter. Our younger son Lucas still lives in Poway, with his wife and three children.   We are close to all our grandchildren and love spending time with them.

We believe raising our family in Poway was one of our greatest decisions ever.  We made a loving home here, giving our kids the values and happy memories that form the foundation of their lives.  This is why there is no better place to do this than in the city in the country-Poway, and why I am running to preserve it.




November 12, 2019 - Poway Spooktacular Celebrations

The Boogie Bash is a Halloween Carnival for kids and families, held at Tiera Bonita elementary school.  The playground held booths for games, food, and entertainment  (I had a blast supervising skee ball and cheetah jump); and a classroom became a haunted house where zombies, ninjas, princesses, and superheroes could wander - if they dared!  A fundraiser for the school,  volunteers drawn from staff, families and High School service clubs provided workers,  local restaurants generously donated tasty goodies.


On Trick or Treat night, our family ventured off Iron Mountain to one of Poway's many residential neighborhoods.   Our niece, nephew, and grandkids were thrilled with the many homes decorated for Halloween, even with audio-visual effects!   On many blocks,  homeowners sat outside, treating the children with candy and costume compliments.  It felt like a big, festive block party - welcoming and inclusive, and providing a safe trick or treat experience.


Volunteerism and neighborhoods that feel like family are part of what I love about Poway.  They bring people together, and when I become a City Council Member I will encourage celebrations like these throughout Poway.

November 6,  2019  - Poway Family Fun

The Poway Rodeo is always one of my favorite events to share with my family.  This year I brought my two granddaughters and my niece and nephew who were all dressed in their western attire. We sat up in the bleachers eating freshly popped caramel popcorn and cheering on all the cowboys and cowgirls. They are truly great athletes with incredible skills and courage, putting on a first-class sporting event. The hard work that went into the rodeo was evident. The kids and I can’t wait for its return next year.


The following week, the kids and I enjoyed the Rendezvous in Old Poway Park. Every year the park is turned into an encampment where Mountain Men and women, cowboys and cowgirls, pioneers, and soldiers role play history 1820-1890s.   The kids had such a great time, and they learned so much. Seeing it, hearing it and experiencing it, they surely got a great history lesson. 

We're so fortunate to have people with knowledge and willingness to teach and share our early history and explain the heritage of our town. Thank you to the City of Poway, Shadow River Regulators, and the Apache Canyon Gang, for making history come alive.   This is why I love Poway and will ensure responsible oversight so that our values are retained.