We now have been married for over forty-six years. Laurel recently retired from Scripps Clinic, where she practiced medicine for over 33 years as a Physician Assistant. 

We have two adult sons who grew up in Poway and received great educations in the Poway Unified School District. Playing sports is huge in our family.  My boys and I were athletes in high school and college.

Josh, our elder son, lives in Missouri with his wife and family. Our younger son Lucas still lives in Poway, with his wife and three children.   We are close to all our grandchildren and love spending time with them. This summer we hope to see our great-grandson for our first time in Missouri.

We believe raising our family in Poway was one of our greatest decisions ever.  We made a loving home here, giving our kids the values and happy memories that form the foundation of their lives. 

This is why there is no better place to do this than in the City in the Country, Poway. I am running for Poway City Council to preserve it.

Meet Phil 

Moving to Poway is one of my greatest decisions ever, second only to falling in love with the right woman!  When I was twenty one I married my high school sweetheart, Laurel.



Kids are often asked, "What are you going to do when you grow up?"   I knew in my senior year of high school that I wanted to be a teacher and a coach, working on a high school campus. 



In 1971, off I went to the University of California Riverside to get my education and prepare to become a teacher.  That happened for me faster than I was really planning. I suffered an athletic injury spring of 1972 ending my playing career and sending me right into coaching.


While earning my college degrees, I coached high school and college football, as well as teaching P.E. in adult education.

By age 23, I had four years of coaching experience and two years of teaching experience; I was ready to launch my career as a secondary educator.  


I was hired by the Poway Unified School District in 1976 where I taught thirty-eight years, retiring from teaching in 2014. I taught Social Science, specializing in World History, Sociology, and Psychology. I advised two graduating classes, many clubs, and organizations, and always, I coached. 


What was it like teaching for over forty years?  I absolutely loved being a teacher. The greatest gift working in the Poway Unified School District was working with my students and their families. 


These are honors and awards that I have earned.

The greatest fulfillment in my life will always be my loving family and friends.

  • 1970 Los Angeles City Football Champion 

  •  All-League, All San Fernando Valley, Team Captain,

  •  Recruited and Admitted to Play Football, University of California Riverside

  •  Bachelor of Arts, University of California Riverside, including secondary teaching credential.

  •  Master's Degree in Psychology, University of Azusa Pacific

  •  Educational Counseling Degree with Pupil Personnel Services Certification

  •  PTSA Volunteer of the Year Award, Honored with a Life and Time Membership

  •  Channel Ten Leadership Award 

  •  Key Club Adviser of the year award for all of California Hawaii and   Nevada

  •  Boy Scouts Silver Arrow Award for Volunteering

  • The President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, awarded me the Private Sector Initiative Commendation for Exemplary Community Service.

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